31 oct. 2012

28 oct. 2012

Make it scientifically for God sake !!

-it is supposed to go to space.
-yes I do dknow Professor...

Make it scientifically

 scritch scritch
- Oh Hello Professor! ...
- hum, ...so here it is! your Marvelous one!?!
-Yes indeed Professor, the best monkey ever !He's mother use to be a famous trapeze artist 
and his father use to work in a zoo.

-...in a zoo? a monkey?? worked....
-Yes Professor, he was the accountant.

 -'told ya, the best monkey we ever had in our lab! 
 -Look Professor! he is going to draw something!  a kind of super scientific formula!Look

- is he drawing with is own poo isn't it?
-Yes indeed Professor

22 oct. 2012


...A caveman 's phone has been dropped, now it is ruined ... 
I mean totally ruined.
for God sake!! it was is first one !

18 oct. 2012

hey dude !

...Move!for God's sake!

14 oct. 2012

What have you been doing?

...never to late dude....