30 déc. 2012

Between two small voices.

Even tough it is louder and flashyer, it's just filthy din...

26 déc. 2012

21 déc. 2012

end of the world....maya's predictions.

...Staying Alive! YEAHHHHHH Whooooo hoooo

16 déc. 2012

Le petit lutin de l'arc en ciel

...Noël et tout ces beaux contes de fées...c'est super!


make quick jabs and don't forget the guard.

13 déc. 2012

6 déc. 2012

do you chutney ? no thanks I'm red

...tomatoes does'nt speek, that's why words are usless.

4 déc. 2012

1 nov. 2012

tomato zombie

-ma perché? perché proprio a me?

31 oct. 2012

28 oct. 2012

Make it scientifically for God sake !!

-it is supposed to go to space.
-yes I do dknow Professor...

Make it scientifically

 scritch scritch
- Oh Hello Professor! ...
- hum, ...so here it is! your Marvelous one!?!
-Yes indeed Professor, the best monkey ever !He's mother use to be a famous trapeze artist 
and his father use to work in a zoo.

-...in a zoo? a monkey?? worked....
-Yes Professor, he was the accountant.

 -'told ya, the best monkey we ever had in our lab! 
 -Look Professor! he is going to draw something!  a kind of super scientific formula!Look

- is he drawing with is own poo isn't it?
-Yes indeed Professor

22 oct. 2012


...A caveman 's phone has been dropped, now it is ruined ... 
I mean totally ruined.
for God sake!! it was is first one !

18 oct. 2012

hey dude !

...Move!for God's sake!

14 oct. 2012

What have you been doing?

...never to late dude....

29 août 2012

Star in the forest

...elle ne restait pas à la lisière comme toute...
cette étoile titillante s'avança plus avant...

21 août 2012

lupus in agro

... et il le fit tourner comme dans une machine à laver...

12 août 2012

4 days to L' 8

...Am I to late for celebrate?

23 juil. 2012

on the surface of the lake

...seven frogs use to live here.

16 juil. 2012

the Great ride

Come on boy!!! bring the noise

15 juil. 2012

feu d'artichaud


14 juil. 2012

8 juil. 2012

just do it !

needs, buy, run, lies...
do it!do it! do it!do it!
let me a pair of dreams

15 juin 2012

9 juin 2012

time to....

please ...lay down on the couch....

3 juin 2012

27 mai 2012

20 mai 2012

29 avr. 2012


...I think the giraffe noticed him

28 avr. 2012

wake up !

Early in the morning, my hanged pants starred at me!



27 avr. 2012


le monstre qui dit j'erre doucement
le monstre qui digère doucement
le monstre qui digère doux se ment